B2b B2c Solution

B2B - B2C Solution

ACUBE custom e-commerce solutions are basically of two types:

B2B (Business to Business) Solutions
B2C (Business to Consumer) Solutions

[1]. B2B Solutions (Business to Business) :-

ACUBE provide robust B2B solution that helps customers to partner with other companies and create a value chain to serve the end-users. Our customized B2B solutions can handle purchase orders, wholesale pricing, client login, auction, inventory management, order fulfillment, catalog management, reporting, client specific pricing and much more. This can be easily managed online with extremely usable graphical interface.

[2]. B2C Solutions (Business to Consumer) :-

ACUBE also provide B2C (Business to Consumer) solutions allows customers to sell their products online without the presence of any middlemen. This raises profit margins as well as lowers the prices for the consumer. The system also facilitates a better understanding of customers since the B2C solutions helps to interact directly with them.