Blog Marketing

Blogs are a powerful way for businesses to reach and interact with potential customers. Blog marketing is an educational based marketing where you share your opinions, your expertise and your advice. Blog is not about selling; they are for branding and interacting. Blogs work best when they are added to your website.

The job of your blog is to attract readers. In addition, blog is a natural link magnet that attracts inbound links if you write interesting, original and engaging posts. Bloggers will then carry these conversations back to their own blogs and of course they will reference your blog posting with a back link.

Blogging for Business

Blog marketing gives businesses other tangible results. Blogs build your brand awareness and build you as an authority in your market. Blogs build rapport with your audience and build a relationship of trust. This makes you the natural person they seek for help.

Blog marketing increases exposure, generates buzz, and creates a global message to which individual customers can respond. Blog marketing is also a powerful search engine optimization tool which can be used to dramatically improve website rankings.

Blogs are active while websites are passive. Blogs broadcast their content out to the web via RSS every time there is something new. Websites, on the other hand, wait to be discovered by search engine spiders. It’s like the difference between fishing and hunting. You can sit and wait for fish, or you can actively hunt and pursue.

Businesses that blog get more website traffic, more inbound links to their website and have more indexed pages on their website. This is according to a Hubspot study. All these are powerful indicators of a successful business website.
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