Mobile Application testing is not just limited to bug finder but more importantly, it is concentrated to find defects in the outcome of the final product. The purpose of testing can vary according to requirements and complexities of the project but in general, it revolves around quality assurance, verification and validation, or reliability estimation.

However, there are certain things that needed to be sorted out while going for mobile application testing process: How effective can your mobile application work on the real mobile phones and smartphones? Do your data services are accessible from all targeted markets, at all times, on the real handset device? Is it possible to make changes on the server side and still be able to interact without any problem?

Our testing methodology would take into consideration a number of characteristics to improve the quality of a mobile application project, quality assurance and testing process unique to the mobile paradigm:

Design Phase
Development Phase
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
Deployment Testing
Release Testing
• Lifecycle Releases:
• Bug fixes
• New hardware, software or integration requirements
• Optimizations
• Enhancements
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